Crossfest UK 2021 is the ultimate box social, taking place in the iconic rave venue: Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester!

The event combines a Mixed 6 Competition (3M/3F) with a Music Festival and has a killer lineup this year including: The Oasis Experience, Brandon Block, Clint Boon, Howling Rhythm, Zakk Wild, MC Simba and many more.

Crossfest UK 2021 is set to build on the huge success of the 2019 event so look out for the lineup coming soon, assemble your tribe and join us for the event of the year!


CROSSFEST UK 2021 - SATurday 23rd oct 2021

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Functional Fitness/Music Festival

Mixed Teams of 6 (3 Male/3 Female)

Scaled & RX Categories