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Crossfest is a functional fitness and music festival, born out of Crossfit OL1 gym in Oldham, where the music used, and vibes created, has always been as important as the workout itself.  Crossfest Founders Sam and Lance decided to put on monthly events called ‘Box Rocks’ for the OL1 members. The event combined a friendly, in-house throwdown with a live DJ, which merged into an after party.  The response was always epic and due to their love of fitness and experience of festivals around the world … the vision of Crossfest was born.


Crossfest made its debut in 2018 and ran as a local throwdown, featuring a lineup including Tobin Lochrie, Christian Burrows and Howling Rhythm DJs.  The event received rave reviews and the seamless combination of live music and a team functional fitness event resonated with the crowd. The attendees demanded more and this led to the creation of an indoor winter equivalent - Crossfest Sub-Zero.


Crossfest then joined forces with the team at Bowlers Exhibition Centre and Crossfest UK 2019 blew the roff off the place!, featuring a lineup including Allister Whitehead, Clint Boon, Kazabian and K-Klass! Now in our third year at Bowlers, we look forward to bringing you Crossfest UK 2022 and can't wait for you to see who we have lined up this year!


With live music, DJs and a unique approach to functional fitness workouts, Crossfest UK 2022 is a festival that plans to break the mould!

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